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Wednesday, September 27, 2020

Another inspiring Ideabroker session

On a hot summer's night, in the Caballero Factory in Den Haag (The Hague), the air again was heavy with inspiring ideas. Presenter Jan Karel Kleijn taunted, teased and encouraged the pitchers, who were judged by Remco van Kapel, Edgar Neo, Bob Stumpel and Richard Kranendonk. First off the bat was René Jansen from Winkwaves. Winkwaves makes an online platform for knowledge sharing in which collective intelligence (based on the click and bookmark behaviour of an organisation's co-workers and domain experts) plays a central role. This platform is offered to knowledge intensive organisations. A public version can be found here (in Dutch). Winkwaves already scored 6 customers, but is looking for more. Resellers are welcome too.
Karin Loeffen from Libersy (formerly Justbookit) presented an online community for appointment management for professionals. Karin is negotiating with several investors, but there's always room for more. She's looking for third parties who want to integrate Libersy in their website as a white label solution.
Next was Marlies de Gooijer from Rippoff. Rippoff is an anti-brand. Rippoff is irony. Under the Rippoff concept Marlies offers anti-fashion and accesories. Besides a beautiful slideshow she also brought some examples of her Rotterdam line. She even tried to bribe president of the jury Bob Stumpel with a tight pink t-shirt. Marlies is looking for people with knowledge about procurement in the fashion branche, and access to sales channels.
Jeroen Naeff from TalkTo can help companies make the optimal mix between VOIP (Voice over IP) and mobile telephony. Companies can save costs by using their mobile phone over their wireless network. Jeroen wants customers and resellers.
Ferdy Blaset from is a publisher of mobile games. They're a Nokia preferred supplier for connected multi-player games, and have a license for the fruit machine game developed for Bell-Fruit. Ferdy is looking for distribution partners and serious VC money to fund their European marketing.
Ferdy Santoo from TopParagon showed his cool 'freemiums', free items that people actually would want to have. They are importer for iTech and hold a license for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Ferdy demonstrated a virtual keyboard that can be projected on any flat surface using a laser beam and a Bluetooth speaker system that goes silent as soon as your mobile phone gets an incoming call. TopParagon would like more clients for their personal electronics line.
Ferdy was followed by Niels Jensen from KaosPilots, from Danish origin, is an "international school of new business design and social innovation". KaosPilots goal is establishing a value based educational programme in 10 countries. There are already schools in Aarhus (Denmark) and Oslo (Norway). Next on the list is Utrecht (The Netherlands, 2007), London, Toronto and San Francisco. In The Netherlands Niels is partnering with top educational institute De Baak. Niels wants students, tutors and ambassadors.
Jan Timmerhuis from the Niagara Waterfall Company helps individuals and organisations with conceptualization, out-of-the-box creative thinking, and moving beyond traditional thought patterns.
After many years as a board secretary and office manager on other people's payrolls, Martinette Boonekamp started M4Office (in Dutch). Martinette offers all facilitating services for offices, like managing the move to a new location, setting up an archive, or improving processes of secretarial (and other supporting) departments. Martinette wants more customers.
The Verdict: after careful consideration the third prize went to Martinette of M4Office. She had a clear proposition and a well defined product that covers a concrete need for starters as well as large companies. Her presentation was personal and enthusiastic. Runner up was Ferdy Blaset from Gamica could become an international player in the mobile games market. The jury advised Ferdy to choose a better defined position in the value chain: developer, license holder, publisher, or something entirely different. Winner was Marlies de Gooijer from Rippoff. With a presentation from the heart, a fine nose for contemporary graphic design and exactly the right ironic stance versus 'fashion', she showed Rippoff has great potential. If only she can muster the courage to focus on this one terrific idea...
Follow up: As usual, before the event had even finished, valuable contacts were made and potential partnerships were discussed. And of course we will use our Ideabroker network to help our young heroes wherever possible. In a few months we will update you on the progress of their enterprises.
Thanks to Pim de Bokx and Martijn from the Caballero Factory, and Edgar Neo for organising the fantastic Entrepreneurs Festival.

Tuesday, September 19, 2020

Ideabroker at Holland Innovation Utrecht Jaarbeurs

Ideabroker will be present with a stand at Holland Innovation the 4th of October at the Jaarbeurs Fair in Utrecht.

Holland Innovation is the Dutch event on Innovation and Funding for your business ideas or inventions. Key elements of Holland Innovation are : The Information Fair with stands, entrepreneurs and partners. 24 Workshops, pitches, 1 on 1 talks with experts and investors, keynote speakers and special guests, a network lunch and drink, the National Inventors day, the Herman Wijfels Innovation Award and a very special mention for the Bizzworld Fundraiser hosted by Keynote speaker Tim Draper: Investor Extraordinaire in Hotmail and Skype for instance and Founder of Bizworld a very cool worldwide program to stimulate entrepreneurship at elementary schools!! I've written on this blog about the need to educate youngsters about entrepreneurship before, Tim's one of the guys who makes it happen!
For a program and more info on Holland Innovation check the Holland Innovation site

Please join us at Holland Innovation! You can sign up here.
Admittance is only 25 Euro for the whole day, including lunch, coffee and drinks, but.. excluding the Bizworld fundraiser and lunch with Tim Draper which is an extra 150 Euro's (for a very good cause!)

Holland Innovation is organised by NeBIB and NOVU

Saturday, September 16, 2020

Update: Ideabroker The Hague on Thursday 21 NOT fri 22

We wrongly dated this months Ideabroker Session on Friday 22nd in The Hague,
but Ideabroker takes place on THURSDAY 21th of September!!! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Monday, September 11, 2020

Ideabroker Pitch session in The Hague! Pitchers Welcome

After a long extended summer break Ideabroker is back in business!
From today onwards you can count on us for cool articles on innovation and ideas and we are launching a series of Ideabroker pitch sessions starting on the 21st of September at the EntrepreneurFestival2006 in The Hague (Holland) Check the program here.

From 18:00 to 22:00 there will be a OpenBC network event which will be
complemented by an Ideabroker session and a concert from Zimbello.

18:00 CabCafé open for OpenBC-members and non-members
19:15-21:15 Start Ideabroker session in Penthouse (V8)
21:15-22:00 Network meeting in CabCafé

Are you ready to go public with your innovative business idea and are you looking for means, money, partners, contacts or publicity? Mail your details to: [email protected] under
subject: Pitch 21 Sept. Would you like to pitch during the session, mail your details to the same address under subject: visitor Ideabroker 21 Sept.