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Tuesday, April 11, 2020

An idea: Offline Music Petrol Station

Hi all, an idea just popped up. Here it goes...An offline music petrol station is basically a facility (placed either in shopping malls, parks, etc) that allows people to easily fill their MP3 players or ipods. In order to use this device, people will need to purchase a special chip, which they would slot into the music petrol station each time they need to refill their music players. After they have inserted the chip into the device, a list of songs would appear and all they need to do is to select their favourite songs, and these songs will automatically be transferred into their music players.

3 parties are involved in the whole process and they are:

1) Music artists - refers to vocalists, musicians or composers, i.e; those who are directly or indirectly involved in the production of songs in the playlist.

2) Music Petrol Station Vendors - refers to businesspeople/entrepreneurs who purchase and own the music petrol station and provide the facility as one of their product offerings to music buffs. Chips are sold to music buffs by vendors.

3) Music buffs - refers to people who purchase chips from vendors and download music directly from the music petrol station. Music buffs can also custom-made and purchase their music petrol station from the vendor.

How it works:

1) Artists allow their songs to be included in the playlist inside the music petrol station.

2) Vendors sell a special chip to music buffs so music buffs could download songs from the music petrol station. A chip will no longer be valid if downloads exceed a specified limit, say 15,000 songs, therefore music buffs would need to purchase a new chip to continue using the music petrol station.

3) Artists get a percentage from all sales of chips and downloads.

4) Songs are included, on a per-request basis by vendors or as in when an agreement is made between an artist and a vendor.

How the music petrol station looks like:

1) A normal vending machine, except chips are inserted to use the facility instead of coins. The music petrol station can be placed anywhere where the vendor deems appropriate.

2) Custom-made according to the preference of music buffs. In this case, the music petrol station will most likely be a collector's item and is placed in the homes of music buffs. Songs can be added by purchasing a new chip from the vendor once the current chip exceeds the download limit.

Creative Commons License
Idea Conceived by Jeannie Cotter, April 11, 2020.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.