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Tuesday, January 17, 2020


Last friday I came up with an idea for a new blogger tool. I build it this weekend and launched it on monday. I came up with this idea because I visit a lot of blogs and sometimes want to add a link to a page. We could mail the blogger, add a comment but we can't edit the page itself. What I build is a LinkCloud. It's a small space where visitors can add links democratically. Every link is added and when more than 20 link are added the one with the least clicks is overwritten. Links that receive more clicks grow bigger and become brighter. A LinkCloud is free and you can get one in a few seconds on the website. I'll add one to this page too.

Thursday, January 05, 2020

Human Narrowcasting Unit

Had an idea for next gen narrowcasting: an intelligent mobile narrowcasting unit: a human being with a display.
Of course you can display all sorts of things on it;
Logos, advertisements, offers, slogans, guerrilla marketing stuff, sending smses to a certain number and have it displayed on the HNU.

You could also call this "Infiltration Narrowcasting" whereas this wil make it even narrower, considering people move in flocks and belong to groups that can be infiltrated with this-- its adaptability will make it a very strong form of marketing. A T-shirt remains 'passive'!

The Siemens product is not a "must", of course. Other types of displays can be used, but this material triggered my idea.