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Friday, October 06, 2020

Ideabroker @ Holland Innovation

Last Wednesday, we had a stand at the Holland Innovation event in Utrecht. Thanks to Nils de Witte from NEBIB, who co-organized the event together with the Novu. In former years the Dutch patent office was one of the organizers, which might explain why we had a few business weary inventors visit our stand, who'd rather stay in their shed perfecting their perpetuum mobile for the rest of their lives, than become a darned entrepreneur (yes, some where actually angry at us for even suggesting such a perversion). Guys, it's not the idea but the execution of that idea that is important..Just do it! Luckily, we had excellent help from two winners from our last pitch competition, Marlies de Gooijer from Rippoff and Martinette Boonekamp from M4Office, as well as our own intern Quim Ramos. We were again able to make some interesting contacts. Cor de Vries of Puresta showed us some interesting water purification and water savings solutions, especially for those areas were clean water is scarce. We shared a booth with Jeroen Bakker of Paragin (Dutch site), who make Internet applications for e-learning, e-mail marketing, knowledge management and mobile. A couple of booths further down the alley was René Jansen of Winkwaves, who pitched at Ideabrokers at the Entrepreneurs Festival in The Hague a few weeks earlier. Jeroen and René have different solutions for comparable products, so they could exchange some ideas. Justus Slaakweg of Nonex Design designs interiors to support brands and companies. Judging by their portfolio and the current 'hotness' of Dutch Design, we think Nonex has a great proposition. Mieke de Jong runs Outbox, a hub of localized City blogs supported by local advertizing. With user generated content, local context and a sustainable business model, she can't go wrong! Pieter van der Meer of Gilde Healthcare is looking for investment opportunities, so we introduced him to Ton Veldhuis, who has developed a data mining technique that can drastically reduce costs of clinical trials for new drugs. Finally, we met Rob Maes, who wants to slow things down. Slow down traffic, that is, with his portable traffic calming solution. So, another succesful event for Ideabroker. On to the next...


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