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Tuesday, September 19, 2020

Ideabroker at Holland Innovation Utrecht Jaarbeurs

Ideabroker will be present with a stand at Holland Innovation the 4th of October at the Jaarbeurs Fair in Utrecht.

Holland Innovation is the Dutch event on Innovation and Funding for your business ideas or inventions. Key elements of Holland Innovation are : The Information Fair with stands, entrepreneurs and partners. 24 Workshops, pitches, 1 on 1 talks with experts and investors, keynote speakers and special guests, a network lunch and drink, the National Inventors day, the Herman Wijfels Innovation Award and a very special mention for the Bizzworld Fundraiser hosted by Keynote speaker Tim Draper: Investor Extraordinaire in Hotmail and Skype for instance and Founder of Bizworld a very cool worldwide program to stimulate entrepreneurship at elementary schools!! I've written on this blog about the need to educate youngsters about entrepreneurship before, Tim's one of the guys who makes it happen!
For a program and more info on Holland Innovation check the Holland Innovation site

Please join us at Holland Innovation! You can sign up here.
Admittance is only 25 Euro for the whole day, including lunch, coffee and drinks, but.. excluding the Bizworld fundraiser and lunch with Tim Draper which is an extra 150 Euro's (for a very good cause!)

Holland Innovation is organised by NeBIB and NOVU


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