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Monday, March 20, 2020

No Money...Less Lazy!

Every year everyone should live a week without access to a bankaccount.

Source of inspiration: my uncle (98 years old). He just came back from Paris...(he is still healthy..thank god!)...anyway, on a particular day he left his hotel in the morning for a day in the town...on his way he noticed he forgot his wallet...well...he had about 2 euro's on him. He decided to walk on....the whole day he drank water, walked, sat on benches, didn't accept money from friends etc...even the hotel offered to pay for the cab etc...he spent a day in the beautiful city of Paris and 'saw' stuff he never had seen before...

We should learn to 'see' again. Money makes us lazy.

It even gets better...after some hours he ended up in a street he always visits when in Paris....his favorite cafe on a corner...he sat down...and thought ... 2 euros...1 drink (borrel - Dutch for something a bit stronger than water;) would be possible...when he saw the menu...he almost that moment he learnt the value of money (again)....being an entrepreneur for approx 65 years of his life...he should have noticed pricing mutations ...but no.

Reality...we get lazy! cu JB


  • I suggest a No Money Ideabroker Adventure somewhere in the summer?

    By Annedien Hoen, at 11:20 AM  

  • I agree, or take it a step further and do a startup with your own money, no money and then venture capital. The no money, own money will be more fun every time.

    Running out of money, or having access to no money is many people's greatest fear. As a lifelong startup person, I've compounded it further with payroll, big teams, and multi-million dollar personal guarantees. Not for the faint of heart. I started my first company on $100,000 in personal credit cards with no idea if it could ever be paid back.

    I fasted for a week in India riding the train across country. The times with no money ended up being the happiest of my life. A valuable personal renunciation process. Douglas Adams had it right - the people on earth spent all their time chasing little green pieces of paper and the pieces of paper weren't the unhappy ones.

    By Duchot, at 1:57 AM  

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