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Sunday, February 26, 2020

Ideabroker needs your help!

Ideabroker needs bloggers to help write or scout good articles on cool, innovative new business idea's! Can you write? Do you have your own view on: concepting, innovation, start-ups or new business? Humour? Then you're very welcome to blog your view here!
Send me an email [email protected]l Subject: New ideabroker blogger.

Ideabroker is going global: Wanna host or run Ideabroker in your neck of the woods?
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Wanna run my own ideabroker.

Do you have lots of smart students with brilliant ideas,that need some help for the next step?
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Have students, need help.

Do you have a business and want to host a cool ideabroker session? (always good fun!)
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Have room, wanna host.

Do you do the same as we elswhere, almost the same or do you see a match for partnering?
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Have site/org, wanna partner.

Do you want to invest in cool new ideas or companies? Want to coach young entrepreneurs?

We can't nor want to do it all by ourselves, so you're cordially invited to join our network!


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