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Tuesday, November 29, 2020

Cool new Bike lights

Check this out..Very smart new way of having bikelights without a battery !

Sunday, November 27, 2020

360 outlet

Simple but brilliant idea 360 rotating electrical outlets. When can we get them worldwide guys?

Saturday, November 26, 2020


Check out this cool new blog by our very own designer Annedien Hoen and friends on innovation (mostly in dutch!) Who said that innovation is dying..? We're in the forefront of a new internet bubble....and this time....we do it right ;-)!

Millionaire Billionaire Zilionaire

21-year-old Alex Tew a UK student who needed money for his education created this very cool idea: sell pixels on a site and charge 1$ per pixel. He started his site on 26 august of this year and with a million pixels available, he already sold : 683,400$ !! worth of pixels until today, more than enough to pay for his education. Read more about how he did it here. On his site you can find an ad from "the rich jerk" who claims to do even better on his hilarious site, he sells you a 49$ ebook with tips and tricks! Then you have this guy from Germany who flaunts his richness in a very cool way.. and of course there are plenty of copycats who adopted Alex Tew's idea, all of them fairly empty..heck there's even a software package out, that let's you create your own million dollar pixel site...duh! Alternatively you can sign up for one minute millionaire meetups. or take a look at this blog.

Friday, November 18, 2020

100$ Laptop for 3rd World Countries

The MIT Media Laboratory launched a prototype of its US$100 laptop last wednesday in Tunesia, Nicholas Negroponte, the lab’s chairman and co-founder came up with the idea. The facility has been working with industry partners to develop a notebook computer for use by children in primary and secondary education around the world, particularly in developing countries. The laptops should start appearing in volume in late 2006. Children in Brazil, Thailand, Egypt en Nigeria will get this laptop from NGO's and Governments.

“In emerging nations, the issue isn’t connectivity,” Negroponte said at the Emerging Technologies Conference on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Cambridge campus Wednesday. “That’s not solved, but lots of people are working on it in Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, etc. For education, the roadblock is laptops.” He and his colleagues believe that equipping all children in the world with their own laptop will greatly improve the level of education and help stimulate children to learn outside of school as well as in the classroom. Very cool intiative!

Update: the foundation Martin Varsavsky started with others in Argentina, announced that they will buy a 100 Million $ worth of these computers (once proven that they actually work) and have neighbors of poor schools allow school kids to pick them up. They will come bundled with Fon software to allow the kids to have free acces to the internet via wifi foneros in their nabourhood!

Wednesday, November 16, 2020

Ideabroker at Marketing3 29th, 30th &31th of November

Ideabroker will present 6 pitches this month at Marketing3 on the VIP Night the 29th & on both days; the 30th & 31th of November all at Mediaplaza Utrecht. Pitchers will be present at the VIP night and in our very own ubercool Ideabroker Lounge during the two day event. Check us out at both those venues! All previous pitchers from any of our events that we hosted this year are hereby cordially invited to attend and or pitch during the day program!! Give us a call on +31654760146 or mail and we'll provide a ticket for you, to this not to be missed event! Wanna pitch? We still got one or two openings available! Send your info a.s.a.p. to [email protected] . Hope to see you all there!

Fon: Share WIFI, build a WIFI Nation!

Martin Varsavsky yesterday launched FON, in Spain. This is his third telecom/internet company in that country of 44 million people. He started Jazztel in 1998, today Spain´s second largest publicly traded telecom operator and, today Spain´s second largest internet site after Terra. But while Jazztel and are very local, FON can be very global, like Skype. FON is the P2P of WIFI and Martin wants to find the best way to launch FON around Europe and the rest of the world. What is FON? Very simple. At FON they developed a software client that you download from the net and you install it in your wifi base station. At that moment your wifi gives you a password of your choice but starts accepting all the other passwords of all the other FON members. FON is based on the premise that with wifi now being 54MB on cable and DSL platforms of 1MB or more, wifi users are only taking advantage of 3% of their capacity on the average or in other words wasting 97% of their capacity. At the same time what users want is for their laptops, PDAs, wifi phones, and soon wifi enable ipods, wifi enable digital cameras to access to everyone else´s wifi so they can walk around cities taking pictures, listening to music, playing games on wifi playstations, etc. This they want to accomplish by turning millions of wifi installations into a unified wifi FON network with a standard interface to accept all kind of wifi enabled devices. So don't be square, be a fonero! and sign up today!


We're just back and still recuperating from Stockholm where we attended SIME 05 one of the very best 2 day conferences on new media I've ever attended. With brilliant performances of speakers like; Mahesh Murthy who helped launch Yahoo, Amazon and MSN, Andrew McLauglin CPO of Google, Nirav Tolia who founded and sold, Lars Hinrichs CEO of openBC and Ola Ahlvarsson CEO of Result, Letsbuyit an who together with the SIME team was our host for the congress and also for the fabulous social program afterwards (Superthanks to Ola& SIME team!!!), a range of more superb content, panels and speakers plus the launch of Fon a wifi revolution by twice billion dollar exit entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky who invented callback numbers in America and launched Jazztell and in Spain.
Man those Swedes have got it all: A great New Media conference, a beautifull country with the beautifull city of Stockholm on 24.000 Islands, filled to the rim with great people, beautifull women, the finest restaurants, clubs and bars, and a innovation climate you just can't beat...Hey they even got the Internet bubble again! We've met, ate and partied for four days straight, with some of the nicest and smartest people in the internet business from all around the globe and whilst there, we got so inspired that we successfully pitched our very own Ideabroker to the above crowd....This means that we will soon roll the format out into the world! Yeah! We've already got Ideabrokers lined up in Europe, the middle East, East Asia and the all you Aussies, South Americans and other interested innovation lovers .....Sign up now at [email protected] to adopt the format into your part of the world. We'll gonna organize a global Ideabroker event once a year somewhere! Innovation and great ideas is what get this world going! There's lots to be done, new businesses to start, new friends to be made and great fun to be had! Just do it!

Thanx to all of you for having us at SIME 05 : all you great people at SIME, Result,, Letsbuyit, Netlog, Priskrig, Tradedoubler, and all of the other companies i'm forgetting now.
Special thanks too Ola "Mr superhost" Ahlvarsson , Beata Wickborn, Christopher, Dev, Jens, Jack, Jessica , Josephine, Annette& Caroline, Sixto, Marian, Anju, Sania, Abdallah, Lars,Yann, Martin, John, Nic, Mahesh, Urban, Thomas, Thomas Crampton, Johan, Andrew, Kalle, Erik, Sander, Bob, Hennie, Edwin, Ulf (of base), Darko, Caroline and all you other Fab people I've met! Until next Year at SIME 06!!

Friday, November 04, 2020

Online Elevatorpitch

Can't wait for the next Ideabroker event? Wanna try your pitch NOW! and get comments from readers all over the world? Here's a great site to do just that.