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Wednesday, September 28, 2020

Students not entrepreneurs

And that's what's wrong with the Dutch innovation climate...

Only 2 out of 10 Dutch Students is thinking about starting his/her own business. In the USA that's 6 out of 10. This according to professor Henk Volberda of RSM (Rotterdam School of Management, part of the Erasmus University).

Loek Hermans of MKB thinks the government should make working less attractive, that way becoming an entrepreneur will become more attractive. Seldom have I read such a stupid comment.

First of all the schools should start TEACHING about entrepreneurship. Second the government should make it easier to be an entrepreneur. Not the negative route, just take the positive one.

Friday, September 23, 2020

Ideabroker at Emerce's e.Day 12th of October @ Amsterdam Convention Factory

Ideabroker will host a session @ Emerce's cool the biggest event in Holland on digital/online business, marketing and strategy. Packed with the newest and coolest trends,speakers, developments, showcases and applications! Overal theme: The new and proactive consumer (prosumer) in the digital era. The prosumer is in the driving seat and decides who, what, when and how he or she is going to buy. What does this mean for businessmodels, marketing strategies and upcoming technologies?
Key note speaker is John Underkoffler mastermind behind the film: Minority Report, a much used future example for tech companies. John worked 15 years at the famous MIT Media Lab and combines his passion for the entertainment industry with a strong vision on future technology.

Ideabroker is proud to offer you a special discount of 100 euro off the regular price of 305 euro for this event, follow this link and register today!

One packed day, over 30 speakers, stands, trends showcased on a massive 2500 m2 this is one event not to be missed! For a detailed overview of speakers and program check here

Got a cool and innovative idea? Need start up money? You can still apply to pitch at Ideabroker's session on! Just send a .ppt with info to [email protected] but be quick about it as space is limited! If selected you'll get a ticket for free!

No money needed, just some visibility for your product? Well.. you can get a FREE.. that's right, a free! stall at's. Places are limited and registration ends 30th Sept!! Here's the rules and reg. form. We hope to see you all at, the 12th of October, 09.00-18.00 @ Amsterdam Convention Factory, Ideabroker session starts @ 15.30 sharp!

Emerce is the leading on- and offline magazine for business innovators about new trends in Business, Marketing en ICT.

Sunday, September 04, 2020

Planting the seeds..

Zaads say: We thought the idea of creating a company that inspires and empowers you to bring your "seed" to actualization would be pretty powerful. So, we created "Zaadz."

Check 'm out here!

Lovely new Country

Lovely (working title) a new country filled with 35000 inhabitants is a great initiative of British comedian Steve Wallace & "good ol" BBC . A TV show and website filled with news, info and all the fantastic departments like:
Dept. of being King
Dept. of actually running things
Dept. of our territory and defending it
Dept. of looking and sounding nice
Dept. of getting along with others
Dept. of the people who run this place
Dept. of being a good citizen
Dept. of keeping things right
Dept. of what others think
The fair Dept. of the I.O.U.
Dept. of message boards and of course its own economy with the " IOU" as money
Check it out and become a citizen see ya there:

Yours truly,
The Minister of NetworKing
Dept. of getting along with others.

Ideabroker excursion?

A friend of mine told me a story about him visiting the BrainStore in Biel, Switzerland- he just sort of invited himself and they welcomed him and he joined in the process of idea generation in quite a special way! Great amounts of people generated great amounts of ideas (7000+) in a couple of hours, in a very interesting setting, using very interesting techniques. I can't explain the entire process here, but wouldn't it be a nice idea if we would organize an excursion to the BrainStore?