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Wednesday, May 25, 2020

T9 for mail and Thought Transponder

Oh yeah and while you're at it, you utterly brilliant programmer; can you make me a sort of T9 preemptive text tool that intelligently predicts (based on earlier made sentences ) what I'm gonna type next... Multi-lingual of course.. Now that would be bliss! Even better would be a neural interface (wireless or Bluetooth or something) to skip typing alltogether, it would be able to write out my thoughts directly into my email or Word file.....

Extended Memory

I'm dumb, have bad memory, but above all I'm lazy! I type a lot of recurring sentences, or need different lines to cut and past in textfiles or in my OpenBC or Linkedin invites. Now can somebody please make me a intelligent system tool that saves my last..40 copy actions or so from text, images etc? Like the history in browsers? And please make one for OSX, Linux and Windows.. Saves the who-is cooler-bullshit. Send it to me and I'll make sure it gets its way to all my contacts. I'd be really gratefull and happy! Along with millions of other customers...

Saturday, May 21, 2020

3rd Ideabroker event @ Sogyo de Bilt

Our 3rd event in a nice and cozy setting @ Sogyo de Bilt was again different from earlier ones. Smaller, around 25-30 people attending , no BBQ because of weather conditions but instead a great buffet (thanks guys!) a colorful range of entrepreneurs to match the new bright interior of Sogyo. Good discussions, great product ideas, a surprise "love it or leave it" T-shirt gift and new secret investors scanning the grounds. Ofcourse we had a instant jury and not so instant winners: This time Simon den Uyl of Epyon won a guaranteed order of his fast charger product once released, for all of Sogyo's laptops! as well as a bottle of cheap wine and a t-shirt! Runner up was the surprise of the day: Not so young Robert Pachowski with his 'Bookarrest' a foldeable Bookrest in super space-age highlight material! 3rd came Jan Louwers from Uphill Battle with cool Fotopo: mapping with pictures and known for the SMS-wave product! Also pitching were: Sander Hoeke from InfoCaster with a Xtreme Rapid Prototyping idea, Thijmen Vos from Innovista Security with a new camera idea and Harrie Flinsenberg from Whirlwind Services who wants to give communication a spin with his total communication solution. All in all another great and inspiring evening! Thanx everybody, and especially Wilco Verdoold Sogyo's Director for hosting us!
Next up is Breda 21th of June @ Syntens and a special the 23rd of June [email protected]'s Euro meeting in R'dam wil see a best off and then some .
See ya all there!

Friday, May 13, 2020

Change his site!

Check out and download Greasemonkey, a new megacool plug-in for Firefox. It's open-sourced and bloody revolutionary and will have great impact on existing sites globally.. You thought you were in control of your site? Think again! Now anybody with a few scripting skills can change your site to their best preferences (mind you, only in Firefox...) A great UI tool, and for Crm but it can be bad for your business health....check out your users moves, wishes and prefs and change your site accordingly! Here you'll find prefab scripts for: Google, Yahoo, Amazon , Ebay, Times and! Banner removers, bidding prices from other users on Ebay !, color changers and a SAS Corrector: Makes the Scandinavian Airlines site usable in Firefox. There are fun scripts too: a Michael Jackson news remover thank god! Who's scripting me a tool to select all my contacts at once in OpenBC and Linkedin? Greasemonkey will generate a whole slew of unwelcome applications too ofcourse, but i can think of a lot of bizz opportunities... ah: the scripts they are a changing..

Tuesday, May 10, 2020

Ideabroker 3rd event @ sogyo in Utrecht!

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Half of all ICT projects fail

Half of all the ICT projects fail, according to a research by the Basta Group.

The Ernst & Young ICT monitor shows that ICT spendings are increasing, but is worried that if these increasing expenditures will not have results in productivity, they will soon decrease again.

Ernst & Young puts the blame at the customer side. They say customers' expectations are too high. One could of course also argue that the ICT companies deliver too little. A big market opens for ICT companies with a satisfaction guarantee.

Tuesday, May 03, 2020

Relaxation-deficit/hyperambition disorder

Hello, my name is Boris and I'm a workaholic.

This morning I was planning on relaxing a bit. But at 9:05 I got nervous and jumped on my bike to get to the office for just a few hours of work. Then I realized there is a global conspiracy to keep me addicted to work. They are after me, I'm sure! Why else develop the Blackberry? Now I'm hooked. I can't live without it. When I'm talking to someone and I hear the soft 'bleep bleep' in my pocket I slowly start to panic. My hands start sweating, my head is spinning, I see black spots and I just have to see what message I got. My girlfriend asks me to come to bed around 12 at night and I answer 'yeah sure, just let me finish this one thing. It will only be a few minutes, I swear'. It's pathetic! I imagine myself in 10 years. Waering an old suit, standing in front of the supermarket saying 'can you spare some change, I'm hungry' and people saying' yeah sure, you ain't hungry, you want to invest!'. And I'll go 'No I swear, I'll just buy a sandwich'. And then, when I got a few euro's I'll run of to one of those networking events and give my money to the first Entrepreneur who hands me a sweat deal and I'll be happy for a few minutes. But then I have to go off and find me a new fix. Another fresh meeting, maybe do a little deal somewhere, finish just one last tiny website.

Hello, my name is Boris and I'm a workaholic.

I could quit. Any day! I wouldn't have a problem with quiting. Just like all my friends. We say to each other 'I just need this one deal, then I'm done'. Yeah right, and then? Sit back and relax? No, let's face it, we all have RDHD (Relaxation-deficit/hyperambition disorder) and I think it' a conspiracy. They make my tools too beautiful and easy to use. My broadband connection is too fast. My Apple Cinema Display is too big and bright. My Blackberry is too connected and being an entrepreneur it just too rewarding at this moment. But I'm going to stop. I'm going cold turkey. I'm going to throw away my Blackberry, Powerbook and Cinema Display and just relax. Right after my next big deal. I promise...

Hello, my name is Boris and I'm a workaholic, can you spare some change?