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Sunday, January 30, 2020

Immunity Research Company

Marketeers are spending billions on researching the quantitative and qualitative reach of their advertizing. Meanwhile they spend zillions on actually immersing us in an ever flowing and ever growing sea of commercial signals. My feeling is that more and more people are - consciously or unconsciously - refusing to undergo this bombardment any longer. They've developed an immunity against advertizing. Let's establish a research company that specializes in researching this phenomenon. I'm sure P&G, Unilever and Nestlé can fund our first ten million dollar assignment.

Saturday, January 29, 2020

Christine Karman at BNRadio

Ideabroker-member Christine Karman was interviewed by Paul van Liempt, Herbert Blankenstein and Richard Lamb on january 29th at BNR Newsradio.

Friday, January 28, 2020

Business from fun

I always liked the strategy of starting something you like yourself, and eventually it becomes a business. Hattrick (currently 8 employees ) started this way. A couple of soccer minded people started a soccer fantasy game almost 8 years ago. They treat their users like they would want to be treated themselves. To keep the community alive and involve people in the community, they give users the tools to build certain things.

Yesterday they reached the 500.000 users mark ,all of them are "hard core"users ,many paying customers.. .72 countries in the world are smaller than hattrick is right now!

All because the Hattrick founders wanted to have a cool soccer game to play.
For some plans, a few thousand euro's, a good idea and a lot of motivation and hard work is all it takes to start a succesfull company.

Thursday, January 27, 2020

Creating the ultimate GUI in Flash

I need help.
I have developed a ready-to-use GUI-Engine in Flash (click "Download" to see a 'codeless' demo). Think along the same lines as: "Macromedia's Flex" and "Backbase".
Now I need some kind of fire-start to lift it to the next level.
Look here for a site-example

What do I need?
Contacts, companies willing to implement this technology for their clients, Flash-programmers eager to participate, money to fund development.

The potential of this engine is huge in my opinion.
The engine is meant as a low-cost solution. It will give "Flash to the people". It makes Flash (via i.e. ScreenWeaver) a serious option for creating nice looking GUI's for desktop-applications.

Contact me if you can be of some help

1000st viewer!

Hmm, me myself and i are the 1000st viewer.... i guess i won that cool prize myself then..sorry folks.

Summit for the future

The opening day of Club of Amsterdam's Summit for the future 2005 was full of surprises&cool stuff: Glen Hiemstra a well known futurist, painted a new landscape for the future, where Europe has to cope with a declining population by 60 million inhabitants!, oil will dramatically rise in price and demand, and he made a wonderful remark about the difference between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants, the first being everyone born in the western hemisphere after 1981, the latter before that time, I'm sorry to say. There are profound differences between Natives and Immigrants in coping with our digital era. (see email is old economy) Glen also showed an amazing clip of work about augmented reality from Mark Billinghurst Director of New Zealands HIT Lab. If the necessary glasses go down to normal size, this is gonna be a killer app in communication and business, imagine a 3D MSN session with multiple miniature friends on your desktop (yes the real desktop....the one on which your laptop currently resides)!
Simon Jones now ex-MD of the elas very recently closed down MIT Media Lab Europe gave a great presentation on how to set-up and run a successfull and truly innovation minded Media Lab. With a few minor changes, you can apply his rules for any business and certainly for Org's like Ideabroker. Ah yes,"the-times-they-are-a-changing"!

Wednesday, January 26, 2020

Spam Honey Pot

Global heating and Viruses/Spam.. Three major threats to every day life nowadays..Project Honey Pot helps to catch spammers with a new distributed system, presented at MIT spam conference . Honey Pot catches spammers who illegally harvest e-mail addresses from websites. The software generates unique tags for e-mail addresses, and records when, and by whom (or by which server), an address was harvested. That info is the kind lawyers need to sue and prosecute spammers successfully. There's also two new websites out, and, to help people document illegal spam and take offenders to court.
There's money to be made in anti spam filters, anti spam trackers, contra spamming, spam laws etc.. heck it's starting to grow into a whole new industry.

Tuesday, January 25, 2020

Climate change immanent

Another frightening report is out, announcing world's carbon levels will rise more than 2C above pre-industrial levels in ten years time, leading to all sorts of irreversible ecological damage. Like wiping out the Maldives, Antartica, Greenland's ice sheet, the Gulfstream, coral reefs (and with them most sea-life) and a global sea level rise of 10 meters! Time to start developing more and better re-usable products, more artificial coral reefs, floating houses, real eco-products, low energy computers and put those screensavers back on, or better put those PC's off at night. You can help with this simulation too! There's real money to be made in the very near future, in water as a stock trade commodity, pure air, solar energy, self charging clean batteries and various other green products..No time to waste indeed.

Friday, January 21, 2020

Open Source e-mail encryption-spamfilter

Horny housewives, Rolexes galore, you've won the lottery....Yes, it's another happy day in your spampacked inbox. Ciphire Mail, a new and soon-to-be-open-source application, aims to put an end to these sorts of annoyances with strong and user-friendly e-mail authentication and encryption. E-mail authentication: confirmation that the stated sender actually sent the message in question like Junker does and encryption like Izecom does put together in one product. Their Business model of open sourcing the software to private users, non profits and the press is interesting. This way you'll gain marketshare and create demand and then ask cooperations and governments to pick up the tap for their clients use of the!

Thursday, January 20, 2020

Inez IPSC away? No way!

Post your support here your best stories & ideas to keep Club Bar Restaurant INEZ IPSC open! "Hotspot" of Amsterdam's clubscene, nightpeople, dj's, fashionista's, resident tramps and art lovers and a great loss if it went away! Home of Pancakes, Lunchclub, Loungeclub, are just a few ideas for a restart of the business...anyone?

The Lifecycle of Memes

Found this informative paper - The Lifecycle of Memes - written by Henrik Bjarneskans, Bjarne Grønnevik and Anders Sandberg. They have analyzed three well-known memes to examine their lifecycle. They say that a meme has to complete a cycle again and again - and that it will die if it is unable to complete the cycle. But... this was the best part...

"Before our paper ends, we will inform you of our until now secret sub-goal with this paper. It is our intention that by now you, by reading this text, has been infected with one of the strongest memes on the planet: The Meta-Meme, e.g. the meme about the theory of memes. It is our sincere hope that you will tell your friends about this (yes, transmission and further infection) or maybe even let them read this paper. In either case, unless you carry a very strong vaccine, we made you a host. And you didn't even flinch. You should be lucky we are not after your money..."

So, I decided to help them perpetuate it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2020

MysteryMailer take III

In this article ( in Dutch) they talk about a recent survey on the respons of big companies to e-mail. It's bad: 98 companies received e-mail in this research, mostly big corporations. 48% did not reply. Only 20% replied to all 5 e-mails send. Almost 1/3 didn't reply to a complaint e-mail what so ever. Time to launch the MysteryMailer concept?

Email Dialogue

This week at Slate there's an on-going email exchange between Malcolm Gladwell and James Surowiecki that has captured my attention. Both clever writers on topical issues today - not to mention authors of some great books - they are addressing subjects like What Do We Mean When We Talk About Intuition? and Challenging the Standard Model of Decision-Making in emails to each other. Interesting dialogue they've got going. Have a read. James Surowiecki wrote "The Wisdom of Crowds", a book I highly recommend you read, if you haven't already. Malcolm Gladwell just came out with "Blink after "Tipping Point" caught the attention of everyone. James Surowiecki used to write a column at Slate and now writes the 'Financial Page' column for The New Yorker. Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for The New Yorker as well.

View from above

Haven't seen any Aliens lately? This is why. And this a good example too. But maybe, just maybe where getting in the right direction with open source beer, open source biology, BIOS and science commons and products like this. Who knows we'll see 'm back sometime..

Monday, January 17, 2020

Voris Øl Open Source Beer

Vores Øl is the world's first open source.... Beer! The recipe and the whole brand of the Vores Øl(our Beer) is done by a group of students from the IT-University in Copenhagen and published under a Creative Commons license, which basically means that anyone can use their recipe to brew the beer or to create a derivative of the recipe and use it commercially.
Asked why they chose Beer,they said; Why not? We all like beer, plus there's a legendary quote used to explain the concept of free software (now referred to as open source): "Free software" is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of "free" as in "free speech", not as in "free beer"...

Sunday, January 16, 2020

UB Game

Amsterdam artist Leonard van Munster has made a game where you, upon scoring enough points, can try to scare or startle visitors of the University Library by moving, jumping or tumble various strategically placed carton boxes. You see your victims reactions in the game window. A great idea which opens up all kinds of new possibilities for online gaming and fun in the public space all from your console window.... Last year he created the interactive talking toilets.

Saturday, January 15, 2020

Key Posted 2

In a previous contribution about Key Posted I proposed Thunderbird to add more context to content. Reworked after some conversations, the argument runs as follows. Protocols like Shoutbox, WWW, Faxing, VOIP, SMS, Newsleech, Torrent, IM, Phoning, RSS, Email, and Blogging are all about publishing content within different contexts. Context gives published content a sense of authoring, licencing, proposed and excluded audience, subject, urgency, proposed answering method ect. Now, in choosing the protocol one chooses the context for someone else. That's wrong.
Taking this to email, the TO and FROM in content posting give content just a limited form of context. E.g. with incoming email, I am probably in somebodys' proposed audience, but without my consent (take spam and anoying CCs). The pop/smtp protocol lacks in itself the buddy online feature that allows me to instantmessage my incoming emailsender. So in choosing to send me email you decide how I receive it and reply to it. I hate that. In principle.
Sure, unified messaging can translate back and forth for me, but since I don't know the context of inbound content, I cannot ever know if your incoming fax should be read aloud on my voicemail or summarized OCR textconverted to my SMS or even trashcanned because not of interest to ME. I cannot decide picking up my mobile alone on having a CallerID or even subject, I want to know the whole context. Using oldfashioned OPC, Onesided Protocol Choosing (and with it, addressing) to give content a context is the wrong way around. I want to be able to subscribe to content within a certain context.
So, I still don't know if you actually want to know about my proposed Tivo in Thunderbird RSS: (If I could automatically program my TVcard to take EPG RSS feeds (like the aussi link in the heading) why can't it automatically have syndicated torrents included to everybody taping that? I have a licence to that content anyway, since I could have seen it on TV. Kind of peerpodcasting TV programs. ) I can assume you want that, I can propose, but YOU should be able to decide if YOU think it's interesting. Next time in Key Posted a proposition on adding a little bit of context to (Atom) content so we can abandon fax/phonenumber, IM, URL's and emailaddresses all together ;). Key Posted.

Mobile Healthcare

With the risk of being called Vincent, I spotted a nice idea in Korea…

Since the first of Januari all cellphone users in Korea can keep their phone number if they change their service provider. (Yep number portability goes global ;-))

“As a result, the competition has picked up among mobile phone service providers, with companies trying to figure out ways to draw new subscribers. SK Telecom (one of the providers) said recently that it plans on introducing a "mobile health care phone" next month, which is targeted at subscribers who are at least middle aged. The company claims the phone, which comes with a battery that contains a sensor, can monitor the phone owners' blood sugar, stress and body fat levels, all by merely placing a finger on the sensor. Not to be outdone competitor KTF plans to introduce a cellphone this month, it claims provides eyesight checkups, including color blind tests. The phone owner only needs to look into the phone's monitor for the checkups, and a program can determine one's eye prescription. KTF said the service is for customers who rarely have time to visit the eye doctor because they can't get away from the office... For those who might have too much to drink after work, KTF is also coming out with a phone where the customer can check his or her blood alcohol content. “ Interested in other phone ideas? Check this.

Friday, January 14, 2020

Ideabrokers NY event

We are definitively on the right track with Ideabroker. At least according to the smiling faces in the room and feedback from all present. Thanks to Keith Wallace and Michael Pentowski from Lunatech Research for hosting our NY event at their luxurious office in Rotterdam with lots of champagne, food, and great atmosphere! And kudos to all the 6 "Young Guns" that presented their business ideas !
Three winners came up: A 1st place for Simon den Uijl from Epyon with the Flash Pack; a new superfast battery charger, 2nd place was for Robbert Van Gelderop with a new webbased backup system and 3th place was for Sander Smeets of Unity-x with Lux a intelligent bot. Lessons were learned, points earned, and advice was given by the experts. We're all wound up for the next Ideabokers event @ Cellspace in Amsterdam somewhere next month. Check us out, join, participate, there's lots to be gained from our combined input, sharing and mirroring ideas, concepts, do's and don'ts so elegantly explained by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten tonight. To all attendees: thanks for being there! Share the message!

Mobile Trends

An especially nice artikel, a small summary of the expected mobile trends for 2005.
The best, I think, is this one: There will be a mobile phone camera paparazzi rage incident where some haples celebrity ends up punching someone who is taking a picture of them with a mobile phone.
Can’t we build some ideas around this? Nick a cop, Punchline, etc.

Wednesday, January 12, 2020

Design your own shirt

My first idea! A lot is coming later on! One of my ideas is to develop a website where people can design there own t-shirts, longsleeves, no-sleeves or sport shorts. To develop a special tool in the website where customers can choose colours, types, sizes, prints and the number of colours. We can give the customer full freedom of what they want to wear. There are already a couple of webpages but I have developed a special marketingstrategy something nobody uses at the moment. If you are interested please contact me...

Why innovation is dead

The past three days I've been giving guest lectures at Avans on interactive marketing. I now know why innovation is dead in the Netherlands.

If I look at the way points are calculated, how grades are given, I understand why nobody excells in anything anymore on our colleges / universities. Damn'd, it's really hard to fail these days. You can compensate everything with everything. And still... there are people failing classes...

Also, the students were extreemly interested in the new media. But using them... seemed to be really difficult. Only very few good ideas, while the objective (be creative) wasn't that hard. So I guess I understand why there are few creative marketeers in this country, and why innovation is dead. We don't stimulate it, we don't teach it.


A bring-your-own-mouse-keyboard-and-monitor minimac and the iPod shuffle are the newest products of the company named after a fruit. You just gotta love'm for their marketing, design, color sense and ingenuity! With slogans like: Life is random and: Inexpensive but never cheap, they're right on track ! Compare that with products from the company named after a construction part..What would you rather be named after?

Lessig, Lawrence Creative Commons

To get some context on Creative Commons, see this lecture by the initiator. When he speaks about creative work, think of remixing businessideas... That is what ideabrokers do. It's long (55 min) but it will profoundly change your outlook on copyright and the internet (blogs like these)...

Tuesday, January 11, 2020

Ideabroker on author rights

We did some thinking on the ownership thing. The answer is in the Creative Commons button. This is the type of Creative Commons license we chose for every idea posted here. Every blog entrance opens to it's own website. So it's public under the intention to be materialized. It's however time stamped and protected under Creative Commons. Breach of Commons can be legally prosecuted by the community. That will hold up in court. It will not need anybody to sign a NDA.

Since a posted business idea is open, everybody can shoot at it or contribute. Maybe it has been done before...Maybe it can be proven not to work...Maybe the domain needs registration...A better name...Whatever...Well let's say the idea may need improvement. That's why it's on ideabroker. To benefit from the community. Or to get those dust-gathering, shelf-lying ideas picked up by someone.

The ultimate deliverable has to be an executive summary of a business plan. The upgraded business idea stays under Creative Commons (maybe we should grant a special license to the initiator). Anybody that re-uses (or steals) the idea has to keep it under the same Creative Commons. We're currently working with our lawyers on a more specialized rights document.

If you want, you can always protect your ideas before posting them here, by sending them to your local tax office for time stamping, or register them on your own computer for just 19 Euro at File-reg, a great new service!

Monday, January 10, 2020

E-mail is old reactions

Boris recently posted a story on this page about e-mail being old media. According to the young generation it was old, slow and they associated it with parents, homework and business.

I used his quote today in a guest lecture. He asked me to record the reactions of todays marketing students, and I figured I'd share them with all of you.

Everybody (49 students) except for one used MSN. But the term instant messenger was however totally unknown to them.

Anyway, the reaction to e-mail being considered old by our newest generation was: well, they don't have to use it now. They will change their opinion once they start studies and work, since then not everybody is online and you need e-mail to communicate. It's much more efficient to use MSN when they are online, but the older you get, the less time you spend online, the more efficient e-mail becomes.

Case study: when is an idea public property

So, what happens with these great ideas here on IdeaBroker? Who owns them? What happens when you post something? If I post a great idea, even propose a domainname but don't act on it. What is the status of this idea? How long does it take before you can take someone elses idea and act on it?

These are not general questions; a few week ago Annedien posted a great idea for us here: MysteryMailer. I liked the idea from the start and said so in the comment field. The domain was still available and Annedien mentioned this. About a week later I was reading the articles again and noticed the MysteryMailer article. I checked the domain and it was still available. I figured she wasn't going to go ahead with the idea anyway and, without wasting time registered it. I started talking with my partners about this great concept I read on Ideabroker called MysteryMailer and they were even more enthousiastic about the idea.

Then I received a message from Annedien that she was a bit surprised that I registered the domainname. After all it was her idea. Now before I go on I have to admit; it IS her idea and i WILL give her the domain if she really wants to pursue the idea. But let's learn from this example. What happens with information you post here? Who owns it? I totally expect my ideas to be adopted by readers and if I don't want that to happen I don't post them. How do other posters/readers think about this issue? Did I steal this idea? Should I be able to take ideas and do with them what I want? Do we 'trust' each other not to copy each other ideas?

Your comments please...

Short Stories

Great for sms / mms / voice etc services: Espresso stories. Text below is © It explores a literary form for today's frothed-up, on-the-hoof, want-it-all-now consumer lifestyle: complete stories that take no longer to read than an espresso takes to slurp. The most basic rule is that they're just a sentence or two, totalling 25 words or less. Less hard-and-fast - but equally vital - are a theme, plot, characters, and narrative development. For more info c Perhaps this provides insights for business / content ideas ... sms blogging ... b-rang cards ... wifi hot spot sessions ... iTunes/stories ... etc ... is Starbucks onto this already? ... If not interesting in this way ... then still a snapshot of today's world ;)

Sunday, January 09, 2020


Two simple car ideas:
Make a connection between Major cities by:... carliner, you drive your Smart, Greenwheels or Handicapped Vehicle onto a train or car-transporter and get off in the next major town. Parking is free for Greenwheels and handicapped vehicles, you save gas and those o so expensive Greenwheel km's longdistance..

Have a car-transporter running circles around the outskirts of town: you park your car on it. If you want to pick it up again, just call and they'll bring your car or run a valet service from and to the transporters pick-up points..

Friday, January 07, 2020

MS Acces DBanalyser 2.0 Beta

The situation
One of my clients has this bad coded old Access app. Starting 2005 it needed some major changes -- now! -- that would (for one) result in opening and combing out 317 rapports to change the way the data was retrieved via DLookups.

Microsofts DBanalyser . . . oh wow? . . crash!
Microsoft has been shipping a solution for "office development tools" for Access "to query and scan the entire Access components system with". Apparently somebody at Microsoft started to build it, got tired and never finished it. Scan results do show up on the screen and then the whole thing crashes...
So I thought up a little search and replace prog that does the trick and spent one day to build it. It finds Field properties in reports, text in database-queries and specific lines of VB-code in modules, reports and forms.
There are two search and replace options to do these odd replacements in the code so repetitive work on multiple variations on the same theme is done by just pressing one button. (That's what I like about things like this :-)
It works like a dream. No hassle. Saved a week or six in one morning session of intensive Search & Replace. Client extremely happy and all work done with some time to spare.

Help me out
Anybody interested to lift this search and replace tool for badcoded Access modules up to something marketable? I think we can interest Microsoft for a buyout if successfull :-)
I do not have the time to package it but if you like it : talk to me...

Designs for..?

We are in the forefront of new product design, software design or concept design.. Cool no? Yeah very, but it also means we've got a reputation to keep and more importantly an obligation towards our end-users to make them nice, user-friendly products, interfaces, systems whatever...In the heat of the moment we sometimes tend to forget we've got those guys, Customers!... and you'll get products like this, this, this, this or this one....A simple tip before you start; would YOU buy or use it? If not, don't bother us with it.

Thursday, January 06, 2020

Dance and Donate!

You can sit on your ass, watching the special Tsunami aid event on the Telly tonight, or you can dance those Christmas Kilos away at this dance event in the Melkweg tonight!
Organized by all DJ Bookers, Dj's ,Vj's, Party organizers and performers.
All revenu goes to Giro 555 Asia. And while you're at it, don't forget to send an SMS with GEEF to 2020 or GO AZIA to 7222! Our very own Ideabroker idea! Support your local Ideabroker.IFFI !

Nice to have

This is not just about businessideas. It's about me. About what I want. I love Thunderbird. I really do. Spamfilter included ladida.... It's just great. If only Openoffice was so smooth and goodlooking I would switch to Linux KDE with XP skin right away, no dual boot. It's hopefully the last email client I ever use... There you have it. A love ever lasting! At this notion my love Thunderbird (if she could) seems to go all gloomy and can be heard to whisper that she (if she were a she) bets that that's exactly what I said about my ZX, Amiga, Deskview, Word Perfect 5.1. And I did. Come to think of it, I'm just as faithful as the next guy ;). So with that in mind, probably Thunderbird realistically wont last. Alas. Every sound mind knows Digital Telepathy will take over in two years or so. But untill then I will fight for the relationship. So, I have started to make a wish list for a hypothetical hybrid email/digital telepathy client. Maybe Thunderbird 3.0 will still be flexible enough to accomodate. I already decided to use the name "Key Posted" for the in between generation emailclients.

1. I like the concept of subscribing to content. I'd rather have 'me' deciding what is good for 'me'. I don't want you to send any content to me, I will come collect it myself, if you let me. I don't want you to have my emailaddress. Just give me clearance to come and get what I think I need. As I see it it's the difference between blogging and emailing. Countless times I've been included in conversations that are boring (Hey guys, let's carbon copy Bram on this... because it's free). Actually I want Thunderbird/GMail to store all content directed/cleared to me (including inbound email) for me bloggy style. I then will subscribe to the content, maybe. This is definitively not the same thing as a rule or filter in my Thunderbird. It just is not.

2. Aliases (also knows as AKA's) have always been my approach to privacy. Indepence is not my thing, but I very much like to choose my own dependencies. That's freedom for me. Therefore, I am not 'me'. One of me buys porn, one of me writes blogs. That's why I need loads of email addresses and cannot decide what exactly to put on OpenBC. In every certain context I like to be in control what you know or not know. I do not have one live. All my friends know this. Well, that's because. As a colleague I like you to have my mobile, GPS location, sometimes not. Thunderbird does not let me manage identities that easily. And then I very much would like to post in Thunderbird my ripped porn video to ANTS anonymously (which is yet another AKA), untraceable. So that should be solved.

3. I like Thunderbird automatically (depending on context and alias) turning my opened emailmessage (or anything I subscribed to) into an instant chatclient if the sender/poster is still online (and willing/able to chat). (Same thing I like an option to leave a voicemail whether you are 'online' on your mobile or not).

....And so on.
Next key post will have more of this and will turn Thunderbird into the next Tivo. So Key Posted.

Pimp my ride...

Okay, first off: we had a problem. Well, not really we, but a friend of us. He has a laptop and because we want to sit straight behind it, we bought a contraption so that his laptop would be elevated. Then he bought a USB-keyboard and connected it to his laptop. We thought this was a bit to complicated, this could be much more efficient. So we came up with an idea. The screen of the laptop is mounted on a single bar, which is positioned in the middle of the backside of the laptop. So the screen will sit in the exact same position, except on just on hinge. The bar will contain a short wire that will house all the things for the screen (so electrics and stuff). Now comes the cool part: the bar is detachable, so you can disconnect the screen, without shutting it down of course. SO now you can sit the detached screen on a few legs so that the screen will be elevated. The beauty of having the screen on one single hinge is that you can rotate the screen (on the y-axle) without turning your whole laptop. That’s the basics!

Wednesday, January 05, 2020

Ideabroker news

Yesterday the founders of Ideabroker "JK & The B's": B, B and B met in the real world to discuss the future. What i can tell y'all now is that it looks damn promising.....But if it turns out not to be.... heck with such a name? We'll start a band!
We'll open up Ideamaker asap, a place where you can share those o so secret ideas to get other opinions, input, help and critics. This place will be highly guarded, requires you to sign an NDA and therefore is safe as can be. In the meantime, check out this site where you can register all those cool ideas on your Harddisk for 15 euro a year! In English, German and Dutch, and for now only Windows is supported..... but OS X will follow soon.....right! Too expensive for ya? Well are you sure it's a good idea then?... If so and you're really strapped for cash, just send your idea including a stamped return envelope to your nearest tax office. They'll simply date more. Hey, at least they do something in return for all y'r money......
What also works for me, time and time again is just sending off a press release to various parties and create some rumour around the idea...who's gonna claim your idea after that eh?
Happy Creations!

Sunday, January 02, 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy new year all you creatives, entrepeneurs and ideamakers!
Let's make it a succesfull, creative and profitable 2005.
Don't forget to share though: ideas, opinions, love and funds for Asia.
I'm very happy to tell you that our idea for a (Worldwide) SMS relief number, got picked up locally by all the Dutch Telco's (for Free!) and all Radiostations.It's also operational in: Asia, the US, the UK and Belgium !!!! So if you got some calling credit left: SMS: GEEF to 2020 and donate €1,50 per SMS to the Tsunami victims in Asia.

Open Source Magazine

Just a quick idea: could you start a magazine with stories and pictures from and for everyone? Sort of like the ViaVia but then with any kind of content. People blog all the time, wouldn't it be fun to see that sort of stuff in a cheap magazine? From everyone to everyone? Your own 15 minutes of fame, prrinted for free and available in your nearest bookstore for just €3,99. A quarter of a page for your ideas, poetry, pictures or insults.

Saturday, January 01, 2020

MysteryMailer concept

If I understand the concept well I can submit an idea. Well... Here's one.
It's very normal for a company to hire a marketing agency to send a "Mystery Shopper" to their stores to test the service and accuracy and competence of its employees.
I thought up a concept to do the same, but in the reilm of the Internet. I would call it "MysteryMailer" (the .nl domain is still free!) and MysteryMailer can be hired by companies who want to test their Internet-end of their communications strategy.
Are people receiving relevant information? Are people with little budget treated differently than people with big bucks? Are assumptions being made about the budgets of people?
MysteryMailer could go in to directions: Either as a kind of agency that can be hired by companies who want to test themselves, or can act as a kind of independent testing organisation that creates publications of their findings. What do you think?