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Thursday, October 19, 2020

There is only one thing worse than being talked about...

...and that is: not being talked about. See this thread on the Sprout forum.

Wednesday, October 18, 2020

Ideabroker Pitch session 3 Nov at the Hague Design days

Another Pitch session of Ideabroker in the Hague during the Design Days from 1-4 November is coming up fast. Have a cool idea that needs execution, money, partners, clients or some sound advice? Come pitch it at our session in the Hague at the Caballerofabriek co-hosted by BVit on 3 November starting 19.30 sharp. We still have room for some pitchers, but hurry!
Have money but no ideas? Wanna be in the audience as a listener, jury member or adviser? All you have to do is let us know you're coming. Send an email to [email protected] See you all there!

Friday, October 13, 2020

Karin makes life easy ...

At least, that's the pay-off of Karin Loeffen's web service Libersy, the site has just come up and running (most content still in Dutch).

Friday, October 06, 2020

Ideabroker @ Holland Innovation

Last Wednesday, we had a stand at the Holland Innovation event in Utrecht. Thanks to Nils de Witte from NEBIB, who co-organized the event together with the Novu. In former years the Dutch patent office was one of the organizers, which might explain why we had a few business weary inventors visit our stand, who'd rather stay in their shed perfecting their perpetuum mobile for the rest of their lives, than become a darned entrepreneur (yes, some where actually angry at us for even suggesting such a perversion). Guys, it's not the idea but the execution of that idea that is important..Just do it! Luckily, we had excellent help from two winners from our last pitch competition, Marlies de Gooijer from Rippoff and Martinette Boonekamp from M4Office, as well as our own intern Quim Ramos. We were again able to make some interesting contacts. Cor de Vries of Puresta showed us some interesting water purification and water savings solutions, especially for those areas were clean water is scarce. We shared a booth with Jeroen Bakker of Paragin (Dutch site), who make Internet applications for e-learning, e-mail marketing, knowledge management and mobile. A couple of booths further down the alley was René Jansen of Winkwaves, who pitched at Ideabrokers at the Entrepreneurs Festival in The Hague a few weeks earlier. Jeroen and René have different solutions for comparable products, so they could exchange some ideas. Justus Slaakweg of Nonex Design designs interiors to support brands and companies. Judging by their portfolio and the current 'hotness' of Dutch Design, we think Nonex has a great proposition. Mieke de Jong runs Outbox, a hub of localized City blogs supported by local advertizing. With user generated content, local context and a sustainable business model, she can't go wrong! Pieter van der Meer of Gilde Healthcare is looking for investment opportunities, so we introduced him to Ton Veldhuis, who has developed a data mining technique that can drastically reduce costs of clinical trials for new drugs. Finally, we met Rob Maes, who wants to slow things down. Slow down traffic, that is, with his portable traffic calming solution. So, another succesful event for Ideabroker. On to the next...

Tuesday, October 03, 2020

Why not?

"You see things as they are and ask, Why? I dream things as they never were and ask, Why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw


If you wanna make it big in internet or ict: it helps to start out in a garage! Here's where HP, Apple and Google started. And here are some garages where you can start up your new cool company in the UK ,US and the EU. But remember the address for when you make it! Or fake it..

Wednesday, September 27, 2020

Another inspiring Ideabroker session

On a hot summer's night, in the Caballero Factory in Den Haag (The Hague), the air again was heavy with inspiring ideas. Presenter Jan Karel Kleijn taunted, teased and encouraged the pitchers, who were judged by Remco van Kapel, Edgar Neo, Bob Stumpel and Richard Kranendonk. First off the bat was René Jansen from Winkwaves. Winkwaves makes an online platform for knowledge sharing in which collective intelligence (based on the click and bookmark behaviour of an organisation's co-workers and domain experts) plays a central role. This platform is offered to knowledge intensive organisations. A public version can be found here (in Dutch). Winkwaves already scored 6 customers, but is looking for more. Resellers are welcome too.
Karin Loeffen from Libersy (formerly Justbookit) presented an online community for appointment management for professionals. Karin is negotiating with several investors, but there's always room for more. She's looking for third parties who want to integrate Libersy in their website as a white label solution.
Next was Marlies de Gooijer from Rippoff. Rippoff is an anti-brand. Rippoff is irony. Under the Rippoff concept Marlies offers anti-fashion and accesories. Besides a beautiful slideshow she also brought some examples of her Rotterdam line. She even tried to bribe president of the jury Bob Stumpel with a tight pink t-shirt. Marlies is looking for people with knowledge about procurement in the fashion branche, and access to sales channels.
Jeroen Naeff from TalkTo can help companies make the optimal mix between VOIP (Voice over IP) and mobile telephony. Companies can save costs by using their mobile phone over their wireless network. Jeroen wants customers and resellers.
Ferdy Blaset from is a publisher of mobile games. They're a Nokia preferred supplier for connected multi-player games, and have a license for the fruit machine game developed for Bell-Fruit. Ferdy is looking for distribution partners and serious VC money to fund their European marketing.
Ferdy Santoo from TopParagon showed his cool 'freemiums', free items that people actually would want to have. They are importer for iTech and hold a license for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Ferdy demonstrated a virtual keyboard that can be projected on any flat surface using a laser beam and a Bluetooth speaker system that goes silent as soon as your mobile phone gets an incoming call. TopParagon would like more clients for their personal electronics line.
Ferdy was followed by Niels Jensen from KaosPilots, from Danish origin, is an "international school of new business design and social innovation". KaosPilots goal is establishing a value based educational programme in 10 countries. There are already schools in Aarhus (Denmark) and Oslo (Norway). Next on the list is Utrecht (The Netherlands, 2007), London, Toronto and San Francisco. In The Netherlands Niels is partnering with top educational institute De Baak. Niels wants students, tutors and ambassadors.
Jan Timmerhuis from the Niagara Waterfall Company helps individuals and organisations with conceptualization, out-of-the-box creative thinking, and moving beyond traditional thought patterns.
After many years as a board secretary and office manager on other people's payrolls, Martinette Boonekamp started M4Office (in Dutch). Martinette offers all facilitating services for offices, like managing the move to a new location, setting up an archive, or improving processes of secretarial (and other supporting) departments. Martinette wants more customers.
The Verdict: after careful consideration the third prize went to Martinette of M4Office. She had a clear proposition and a well defined product that covers a concrete need for starters as well as large companies. Her presentation was personal and enthusiastic. Runner up was Ferdy Blaset from Gamica could become an international player in the mobile games market. The jury advised Ferdy to choose a better defined position in the value chain: developer, license holder, publisher, or something entirely different. Winner was Marlies de Gooijer from Rippoff. With a presentation from the heart, a fine nose for contemporary graphic design and exactly the right ironic stance versus 'fashion', she showed Rippoff has great potential. If only she can muster the courage to focus on this one terrific idea...
Follow up: As usual, before the event had even finished, valuable contacts were made and potential partnerships were discussed. And of course we will use our Ideabroker network to help our young heroes wherever possible. In a few months we will update you on the progress of their enterprises.
Thanks to Pim de Bokx and Martijn from the Caballero Factory, and Edgar Neo for organising the fantastic Entrepreneurs Festival.

Tuesday, September 19, 2020

Ideabroker at Holland Innovation Utrecht Jaarbeurs

Ideabroker will be present with a stand at Holland Innovation the 4th of October at the Jaarbeurs Fair in Utrecht.

Holland Innovation is the Dutch event on Innovation and Funding for your business ideas or inventions. Key elements of Holland Innovation are : The Information Fair with stands, entrepreneurs and partners. 24 Workshops, pitches, 1 on 1 talks with experts and investors, keynote speakers and special guests, a network lunch and drink, the National Inventors day, the Herman Wijfels Innovation Award and a very special mention for the Bizzworld Fundraiser hosted by Keynote speaker Tim Draper: Investor Extraordinaire in Hotmail and Skype for instance and Founder of Bizworld a very cool worldwide program to stimulate entrepreneurship at elementary schools!! I've written on this blog about the need to educate youngsters about entrepreneurship before, Tim's one of the guys who makes it happen!
For a program and more info on Holland Innovation check the Holland Innovation site

Please join us at Holland Innovation! You can sign up here.
Admittance is only 25 Euro for the whole day, including lunch, coffee and drinks, but.. excluding the Bizworld fundraiser and lunch with Tim Draper which is an extra 150 Euro's (for a very good cause!)

Holland Innovation is organised by NeBIB and NOVU

Saturday, September 16, 2020

Update: Ideabroker The Hague on Thursday 21 NOT fri 22

We wrongly dated this months Ideabroker Session on Friday 22nd in The Hague,
but Ideabroker takes place on THURSDAY 21th of September!!! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Monday, September 11, 2020

Ideabroker Pitch session in The Hague! Pitchers Welcome

After a long extended summer break Ideabroker is back in business!
From today onwards you can count on us for cool articles on innovation and ideas and we are launching a series of Ideabroker pitch sessions starting on the 21st of September at the EntrepreneurFestival2006 in The Hague (Holland) Check the program here.

From 18:00 to 22:00 there will be a OpenBC network event which will be
complemented by an Ideabroker session and a concert from Zimbello.

18:00 CabCafé open for OpenBC-members and non-members
19:15-21:15 Start Ideabroker session in Penthouse (V8)
21:15-22:00 Network meeting in CabCafé

Are you ready to go public with your innovative business idea and are you looking for means, money, partners, contacts or publicity? Mail your details to: [email protected] under
subject: Pitch 21 Sept. Would you like to pitch during the session, mail your details to the same address under subject: visitor Ideabroker 21 Sept.

Wednesday, June 28, 2020

European Web Conference of 2006!

Check out The Next Web Conference by our Own Ideabroker Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten.
It will take place in Amsterdam on the 7th of July 2006. An unique one day event with the best speakers from around the world (see below) they will give their view on how new web technology will influence the way we do busines and on the way we live.

What is the influence of AJAX and other new technologies on the Web? What new businessmodels can we expect? What will the new Web offer us, what does it want from us? What do people mean when they talk about the culture of participation? What is the state of the web today, and what does that mean for tomorrow? How will we interact/interface with the web in a few years? Which companies are shaping the future, today? How do these new technologies enhance our lives?

These questions will be addressed by Kevin Kelly, Michael Arrington, Mark Tluszcz, Steven Pemberton, Alexander Burmaster, a host of hip new internet companies and moderated by
Professor Dr. Ir. Han Gerrits.

For all ideabrokers we arranged a special discount of 100 euro's if you sign up here

Friday, May 05, 2020

How to get an idea in a box

Tuesday, April 11, 2020

An idea: Offline Music Petrol Station

Hi all, an idea just popped up. Here it goes...An offline music petrol station is basically a facility (placed either in shopping malls, parks, etc) that allows people to easily fill their MP3 players or ipods. In order to use this device, people will need to purchase a special chip, which they would slot into the music petrol station each time they need to refill their music players. After they have inserted the chip into the device, a list of songs would appear and all they need to do is to select their favourite songs, and these songs will automatically be transferred into their music players.

3 parties are involved in the whole process and they are:

1) Music artists - refers to vocalists, musicians or composers, i.e; those who are directly or indirectly involved in the production of songs in the playlist.

2) Music Petrol Station Vendors - refers to businesspeople/entrepreneurs who purchase and own the music petrol station and provide the facility as one of their product offerings to music buffs. Chips are sold to music buffs by vendors.

3) Music buffs - refers to people who purchase chips from vendors and download music directly from the music petrol station. Music buffs can also custom-made and purchase their music petrol station from the vendor.

How it works:

1) Artists allow their songs to be included in the playlist inside the music petrol station.

2) Vendors sell a special chip to music buffs so music buffs could download songs from the music petrol station. A chip will no longer be valid if downloads exceed a specified limit, say 15,000 songs, therefore music buffs would need to purchase a new chip to continue using the music petrol station.

3) Artists get a percentage from all sales of chips and downloads.

4) Songs are included, on a per-request basis by vendors or as in when an agreement is made between an artist and a vendor.

How the music petrol station looks like:

1) A normal vending machine, except chips are inserted to use the facility instead of coins. The music petrol station can be placed anywhere where the vendor deems appropriate.

2) Custom-made according to the preference of music buffs. In this case, the music petrol station will most likely be a collector's item and is placed in the homes of music buffs. Songs can be added by purchasing a new chip from the vendor once the current chip exceeds the download limit.

Creative Commons License
Idea Conceived by Jeannie Cotter, April 11, 2020.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

Wednesday, March 22, 2020

Innovation awards

Two of our nations most important (and well funded) innovation awards are here again. The Broos van Erp for the most innovative starting company (maximum of three years existence) and the PricewaterhouseCoopers Innovator Award for a very innovative company that exists at least four years and has less then 250 employees.

More information (in Dutch) on and the forms for subscription are downloadable on this site.

Monday, March 20, 2020

No Money...Less Lazy!

Every year everyone should live a week without access to a bankaccount.

Source of inspiration: my uncle (98 years old). He just came back from Paris...(he is still healthy..thank god!)...anyway, on a particular day he left his hotel in the morning for a day in the town...on his way he noticed he forgot his wallet...well...he had about 2 euro's on him. He decided to walk on....the whole day he drank water, walked, sat on benches, didn't accept money from friends etc...even the hotel offered to pay for the cab etc...he spent a day in the beautiful city of Paris and 'saw' stuff he never had seen before...

We should learn to 'see' again. Money makes us lazy.

It even gets better...after some hours he ended up in a street he always visits when in Paris....his favorite cafe on a corner...he sat down...and thought ... 2 euros...1 drink (borrel - Dutch for something a bit stronger than water;) would be possible...when he saw the menu...he almost that moment he learnt the value of money (again)....being an entrepreneur for approx 65 years of his life...he should have noticed pricing mutations ...but no.

Reality...we get lazy! cu JB

Wednesday, March 08, 2020


A good friend of mine collects old Wired mag's, not for the fun of it, but because he scans them for old idea's that are still valid but never made it due to various reasons: to early, not executed well enough, bad marketing, the .com bust etc.

Most of us lack the ability to recognize a promising innovator or idea. Typically, we're seers only in hindsight, lamenting how we knew eight years ago that Google would revolutionize search and forgetting how we dismissed successful product introductions. Academics and analysts have some ideas about what works best;

Admit that most things fail: This is not a bad thing. Not even a surprising thing. It is just the way the world operates. And those who do not realize this are more doomed to failure than those who do.

That's the observation of Paul Ormerod, author Why Most Things Fail, and an advocate of continuous, aggressive innovation. In the history of industry most businesses eventually fail, even market leaders. Although they don't fall apart for the same reasons, certain patterns of behavior contribute to the likelihood of failure.

"What you should be looking for is not the amount of money they're spending on research and development themselves, but a company's willingness to be flexible and to adapt to what other people are doing well,"

Specialize, specialize, specialize: Sir Isaac Newton once famously wrote, by way of explaining his extraordinary legacy of discoveries, that "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

"If one is to stand on the shoulders of giants, one must first climb up their backs, and the greater the body of knowledge, the harder this climb becomes," writes Benjamin Jones, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management, in a paper that addresses the complexities of innovation. (.pdf)

Jones' analysis adresses two changes in the way people and institutions pursue innovation.

The first is a trend toward specialization. In order to improve existing technologies, researchers must either pursue an increasingly extensive education or narrow their field of expertise.

Jones also envisions a trend toward teamwork gaining momentum, as companies need more people to complete projects.

"Whenever researchers look at innovation, they see this upward trend in collaboration," he said. "People are becoming more specialized over time and they need to work in bigger teams."

That's the view of Eric von Hippel, a professor at MIT's Sloan School of Management, who says technologies can be developed in such a way that innovations are easier to make. The basic idea is to break complex systems into simpler "modules." A product can be improved upon by focusing not on the whole, but on a small part.

"Existing technology gets gradually shaped into large user-friendly chunks that you don't need to know the insides of to use," he said. "You can work with an operating system without knowing everything about how it works. And you can modify a car without necessarily understanding how the engine works."

As for corporate R&D, von Hippel says companies are finding that more and more innovation is coming not from in-house developers, but from products users who do their own re-engineering.

"People are innovating for themselves," he said. "That's what has happened and economists are really puzzled about it because economists are focused on this IP-based system."

Look at mash-ups for google maps, pimp my ride/house/pc etc etc, the people take over! Be your own innovator!

What all these analysts above are missing is that most of true product innovation is that new concepts, product ideas and enhancements are born out of frustration with the current product or lack of a solution to a particular problem in the market.

I never believed in R&D depts as the biggest innovators.. no siree, the one-man-bands that stumble upon something, or over something.. for the 1000st time and then decide to finaly do something about it.. those are the innovators and mostly by chance.

Tuesday, February 28, 2020

Cool Prosthetics!

Why does it take a friend with a handicap to let me realise there's some serious cool developments in Prosthetics ?? Check these Fab examples of super high tech developments! And let's get these cool carts in the healtcare package!
I want a set of new eyes, nanonic inserts, memory extensions and tele- and data-vising ability!
And while where at, it gimme my facial passport too!

Sunday, February 26, 2020

Ideabroker needs your help!

Ideabroker needs bloggers to help write or scout good articles on cool, innovative new business idea's! Can you write? Do you have your own view on: concepting, innovation, start-ups or new business? Humour? Then you're very welcome to blog your view here!
Send me an email [email protected] Subject: New ideabroker blogger.

Ideabroker is going global: Wanna host or run Ideabroker in your neck of the woods?
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Wanna run my own ideabroker.

Do you have lots of smart students with brilliant ideas,that need some help for the next step?
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Have students, need help.

Do you have a business and want to host a cool ideabroker session? (always good fun!)
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Have room, wanna host.

Do you do the same as we elswhere, almost the same or do you see a match for partnering?
Let us know: [email protected] Subject: Have site/org, wanna partner.

Do you want to invest in cool new ideas or companies? Want to coach young entrepreneurs?

We can't nor want to do it all by ourselves, so you're cordially invited to join our network!

Europe's Entrepreneurial Climate

Check BusinessWeek's excellent article on Europe's hot growth companies!
Some excerpts:
"Think Europe is inhospitable to small businesses? Think again. Thousands of entrepreneurs behind small, fast-growing companies are showing that good ideas, energy, and luck can overcome typically European burdens on entrepreneurship such as high taxation and heavy regulation" and " For the first time European governments -- from pro-business Netherlands (yeah right..!!) and Ireland to even the more state-heavy economies of France and Germany -- are starting to think seriously about how to unshackle the potential of these kinds of growth companies.

For example, Germany's Saarland, a region dotted with abandoned coal mines and foundries, is encouraging local university scientists to commercialize their discoveries by providing cheap office space, access to lab equipment, and crash courses in business fundamentals.
France has dramatically cut down the time and red tape it takes to start a business, and is giving tax breaks to jeunes entrepreneurs indépendents. It's the same story in Britain, where corporate taxes for small business where cut to 19% from 23%.

Even with all the changes, Europe has much catching up to do. For one, entrepreneurship is not a cultural norm: There are only half the number of companies in Europe as in the U.S. relative to the population, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a research consortium. "Young people in Europe don't get encouragement from family and friends if they want to become entrepreneurs," says Paul Reynolds, an economist at Florida State University "And even if a family wants to help, they don't know anyone who has been an entrepreneur. There just aren't many examples."

So to help entrepreneurship along : Come on Mum and Dad , don't buy everything for the little rascals, but have'm sell lemonade, trade cartoonmagazine’s, anything to encourage them to make their own money!
And all you high and mighty governmental officials, cut the bullshit reports for a change, get away from behind those desks and start earning your money by helping your local entrepreneurs: ( swap places for a day with them for starters!! ), really stimulate innovation, and DO something!

NOW is the time!

Update: I just recieved this idea from Introduce a 'Success Class' to high schools. The class would teach kids how to start a business and run one effectively, pointing out where regular school subjects such as math, languages and science can help. The class might also identify what each kid is truly good at and devise coursework to encourage these skills....These orgs are doing it already! Great!

Thursday, February 23, 2020

Virtual Innovation fair

A virtual innovation fair is in the making! After your online social and business networks, your own virtual island or shop in 2ndlife, virtual office and avatars in msn, yahoo and sofort, you can now also sell or strot y'r innovative stuff virtually! All done in a-retro-stylie, you just hire a stand (only 15o euro) and wait until the fair starts! Would be cool to have your avatars walking around for you (i hate Fairs!!) checking a productdemo, get the usual info and goodies for you and hey bring some buttons home for me too! We'll be virtually present with Ideabroker, Fon and some other cool stuff too. See ya at the fair!

Monday, February 06, 2020

Fon Secures €18 Million from Skype, Sequoia & Google

FON today announced that it has secured €18 million funding from Index Ventures, Google, Sequoia Capital and Skype. The company also announced that Danny Rimer (Index Ventures), Mike Volpi (Cisco) Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis (Skype) joined the board.

Founded just three months ago by serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, FON’s objective is to build a global WiFi network bottom up, with one million hot spots by 2010. To do this, FON users, or "foneros," are able to connect to the Internet via Fon WiFi hotspots provided by other foneros. For foneros, the development of the FON global network means they will be able to connect to the Internet safely and securely all around the globe. For service and application providers such as Skype and Google, the FON network makes their services more available. For ISPs, FON provides a way to expand their reach globally.

With a simple download-and-install approach, similar to Skype’s, FON is a secure “by-the-people, for-the-people” network. FON has registered 3,000 members since it went live with a beta of its service in November, 2005. The company plans to use its funding to grow the network of foneros and support the growth of WiFi worldwide, particularly in countries where broadband is currently unaffordable to most people.

FON will drive its revenue from a multi-tiered subscription model. Members sign up in one of three foneros categories: Linus, Bill or Alien.
Linuses share their home WiFi hotspot with the FON network and can use any FON hotspot for free.
Bill's share their WiFi hotspots with Alien members for a fee. Bills cannot roam the FON network for free.
Aliens pay to use the FON network on an as-needed basis. Fifty-percent of revenue generated from Aliens will be shared with Bills. Alien memberships are currently available on a free-trial basis.

“Aliens are at the heart of our business model,” said Varsavsky. “As we continue to grow, we will attract consumers for all three foneros categories and achieve our goal of creating a global WiFi nation. This is a great opportunity for ISP’s, bloggers, developers, early adopters, consumer electronics manufacturers and the ‘average Joe or Jane’ with a WiFi connection to make money by letting other foneros connect to the Net safely and simply.”

ISPs are already signing up to partner with FON. “As a leading ISP in Sweden, Glocalnet is happy to partner with FON .

Power Foneros
FON has attracted the likes of some of the technology communities’ leading advocates. The well regarded blogger/former newspaper columnist Dan Gillmor and telecom expert David Isenberg have already signed on to serve on the company’s board of advisors, as has Esther Dyson, the well-known blogger Joi Ito and many others. For a complete list check this

Tuesday, January 17, 2020


Last friday I came up with an idea for a new blogger tool. I build it this weekend and launched it on monday. I came up with this idea because I visit a lot of blogs and sometimes want to add a link to a page. We could mail the blogger, add a comment but we can't edit the page itself. What I build is a LinkCloud. It's a small space where visitors can add links democratically. Every link is added and when more than 20 link are added the one with the least clicks is overwritten. Links that receive more clicks grow bigger and become brighter. A LinkCloud is free and you can get one in a few seconds on the website. I'll add one to this page too.

Thursday, January 05, 2020

Human Narrowcasting Unit

Had an idea for next gen narrowcasting: an intelligent mobile narrowcasting unit: a human being with a display.
Of course you can display all sorts of things on it;
Logos, advertisements, offers, slogans, guerrilla marketing stuff, sending smses to a certain number and have it displayed on the HNU.

You could also call this "Infiltration Narrowcasting" whereas this wil make it even narrower, considering people move in flocks and belong to groups that can be infiltrated with this-- its adaptability will make it a very strong form of marketing. A T-shirt remains 'passive'!

The Siemens product is not a "must", of course. Other types of displays can be used, but this material triggered my idea.

Saturday, December 24, 2020

Happy Holidays and an inspiring new year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2020

And the winners are....

Dion Hinchcliffe author of SOA Web Services journal compiled his take on the best Web 2.0 software for 2005. A pretty nice compilation..and a good begin if you want to know more about Ajax (not the FC) and Web 2.0 savy applications! My personal 2.0 favorite is the new browser Flock with online bookmarks (by, in-browser blogging and other very cool 2.0 stuff built in. If Flock is, this advice from Microsoft regarding IE for Mac is simply!

And o yeah, here are.... our very own.... tadadada....
The Ideabroker 2005 awards:

The Ideabroker Best 2005 Presentation award goes to: Dick Hart of Sxip with Identity 2.0.
Our very own Ideabrokers 2005 best Pitch award goes to: Sander Hoeken of Infocaster.
Ideabrokers Best Pitch Idea's award 2005 is a tie between: the online elevator pitch and Pitchcasting (the answering service of a very bizzy Florida risk investor who listens to your 30 sec. pitch on his iPod whilst doing his morning run!)
Our Ideabroker Best Innovative 2005 event award goes hands down to Ola Ahlvarsson's SIME 2005 in Stockholm Sweden.
Our Ideabroker Best Serial Entrepreneur in a supporting role Award 2005 goes to: Bob Stumpel for driving, hosting, freestyling, coaching, stimulating, cigarettes, brain picking, nagging, juroring, organizing and generally supporting Ideabroker and various young innovative entrepreneurs to the max!
Our Best Entrepreneur in a supporting creative role Award 2005 goes to Annedien Hoen (here seen with our MP JP!) for designing this cool looking blog and our great Ideabroker logo!
Our Ideabroker Presenter Award 2005 goes to: Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (here seen congratulating one of our Ideabroker Pitch winners) for free-style and in-style presenting and his marvelous "presenting for dummy's" available here on request a must have for wannabe pitchers! (only in Dutch)
Our Ideabroker Talent Scout Award 2005 goes to Antoinette Hoes for: support, blogging and of course talent scouting!
See you all next year folks for a massive innovative new year with International Awards too!

Tuesday, December 13, 2020

Web 2.0

Want to capitalize on AJAX and the Web 2.0 bubble? Here's a tool for you: a VC ready Businessplan..

Friday, December 09, 2020

LesBlogs 2.0

Back from les Blogs 2.0 in beautifull Paris, in a very peculiar kind of setting...Laptop galore! This is generation ME : Hello? Is anybody listening to ME..? Martin Varsavsky of Fon got attacked for deleting a comment on his blog (Duh!) and for not reacting enough on comments of users....yeah right! Bloggers are now Internet DJ's: They mix up words and articles, links and picts..hell, they even have their laptops stickered-up, just like the DJ flightcases..
A very interesting panel on web 2.0 and Venture Capital touched on a new development: the growing interest and investment of US based VC's in European startups and emerging companies.
I've said it before: it's happening again, the internet bubble! We see it happening in Sweden and now also in the US..hang on to your's gonna happen again! We learned our lesson, so this time be prepared, get your act together, put on your dancing shoes and go, go go!

Remember: Nothing is impossible, you can do anything you want...just go do it!

Thursday, December 01, 2020

Techology looking for entrepreneurs

TNO is looking for entrepreneurs to take a couple of their product ideas to the next stage. There is some money available for feasibility testing and getting the products ready for a market launch. The deadline for entrepreneurs that want to apply for participation is the 6th of January. Only after registration and signing an NDA will the specifics of the product ideas be released to you.

There are 7 products waiting for your help:
If you are going to apply for participation, please let us know how you fare in the comments of this post.

Tuesday, November 29, 2020

Cool new Bike lights

Check this out..Very smart new way of having bikelights without a battery !

Sunday, November 27, 2020

360 outlet

Simple but brilliant idea 360 rotating electrical outlets. When can we get them worldwide guys?

Saturday, November 26, 2020


Check out this cool new blog by our very own designer Annedien Hoen and friends on innovation (mostly in dutch!) Who said that innovation is dying..? We're in the forefront of a new internet bubble....and this time....we do it right ;-)!

Millionaire Billionaire Zilionaire

21-year-old Alex Tew a UK student who needed money for his education created this very cool idea: sell pixels on a site and charge 1$ per pixel. He started his site on 26 august of this year and with a million pixels available, he already sold : 683,400$ !! worth of pixels until today, more than enough to pay for his education. Read more about how he did it here. On his site you can find an ad from "the rich jerk" who claims to do even better on his hilarious site, he sells you a 49$ ebook with tips and tricks! Then you have this guy from Germany who flaunts his richness in a very cool way.. and of course there are plenty of copycats who adopted Alex Tew's idea, all of them fairly empty..heck there's even a software package out, that let's you create your own million dollar pixel site...duh! Alternatively you can sign up for one minute millionaire meetups. or take a look at this blog.

Friday, November 18, 2020

100$ Laptop for 3rd World Countries

The MIT Media Laboratory launched a prototype of its US$100 laptop last wednesday in Tunesia, Nicholas Negroponte, the lab’s chairman and co-founder came up with the idea. The facility has been working with industry partners to develop a notebook computer for use by children in primary and secondary education around the world, particularly in developing countries. The laptops should start appearing in volume in late 2006. Children in Brazil, Thailand, Egypt en Nigeria will get this laptop from NGO's and Governments.

“In emerging nations, the issue isn’t connectivity,” Negroponte said at the Emerging Technologies Conference on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Cambridge campus Wednesday. “That’s not solved, but lots of people are working on it in Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, etc. For education, the roadblock is laptops.” He and his colleagues believe that equipping all children in the world with their own laptop will greatly improve the level of education and help stimulate children to learn outside of school as well as in the classroom. Very cool intiative!

Update: the foundation Martin Varsavsky started with others in Argentina, announced that they will buy a 100 Million $ worth of these computers (once proven that they actually work) and have neighbors of poor schools allow school kids to pick them up. They will come bundled with Fon software to allow the kids to have free acces to the internet via wifi foneros in their nabourhood!